LA Union Station Los Angleles | California

Owned by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority since 2012, Catellus directed a landmark restoration of the historic Los Angeles Union Station including plans for compatible mixed-use development of 51 surrounding acres in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. As part of the redevelopment, Catellus painstakingly restored the interior and exterior of the historic Los Angeles Union Station built in 1939.

Project Experience Sheet

Project Summary 

  • 51-acre, transportation-served urban, mixed-use development
  • Approved for up to 5.9 million square feet of new development 
  • Home to three Catellus build-to-suit office headquarters facilities 
  • Adjacent to the Los Angeles Civic Center and Central Business District
  • Fully restored Los Angeles Union Station 
  • Regional transportation hub with Amtrak, Metrolink and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus and rail lines serving nearly 74,000 travelers per day

Project Highlights

Catellus secured entitlement for 5.9 million square feet of development through 2022. Adopted by City Council ordinance as the Alameda District Specific Plan, the entitlement establishes a flexible set of physical and functional parameters for development at Union Station relating to area, parking and phasing. Catellus’ build-to-suit approach featured large, flexibly configured floor plates with current technology and amenities consistent with Class A building construction. Union Station is home to three build-to-suit office towers, which encompass elements of the historic design of the area: 

  • The 26-story, 628,000-square-foot Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) headquarters building 
  • The 10-story, 53,000-square-foot Metropolitan Water District (MWD) headquarters building
  • The 3-story, 47,000-square-foot First 5 LA headquarters building

Transit Connections 

At the nexus of the region’s freeway system, Union Station redefines being connected: 

  • Within 15 minutes of the Burbank Airport, 25 minutes of Los Angeles International Airport 
  • Walking distance of the Civic Center, financial and cultural districts 
  • Easy access to LADOT Dash shuttle and subway

Restoration of a Historic Landmark 

In 1990, Catellus purchased Union Station and its adjoining land parcels with plans for the station’s restoration and compatible development on adjacent properties.

In 1992, Catellus completely restored the landmark 1932 station. Meticulous courtyard landscaping has revitalized public seating areas surrounding the station, and local restaurants and entertainment centers have given residents additional amenities close to home and work.