Community Outreach

Catellus forms strong public/private partnerships with civic leaders, residents and local civic organizations, and works in collaboration with these groups throughout the development process. Catellus invites public input and organizes public meetings where local residents can offer feedback to project plans. Catellus sees that a well-facilitated and thorough input process is followed and also builds consensus within local communities to ensure success.

Catellus further demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of communities during the course of project construction. Catellus projects are branded locally and hire local contractors whenever possible to support the area economy and benefit residents. Catellus manages projects from a local office, staffed with experienced developers. These Catellus professionals are residents of the community and work in the best interests of the community.

What People Are Saying

"Catellus has worked closely with Alamedans to create an exciting, long-term master plan for Alameda Landing, one that embodies input received from residents and businesses across the city. In doing so, they have built a strong relationship of trust with the city staff and with members of the community. We're very pleased to be partnering with Catellus and look forward to working with them on the development phase of this important project."