Our Role as Master Developer

From coast to coast, Catellus works with cities, governmental entities, corporations and other organizations to plan and revitalize land formerly used as military bases, airports and heavy industrial sites. Catellus believes that visions for redevelopment are best achieved through public/private partnerships with a single master developer. Catellus’ success and proven ability to execute large-scale, mixed-use developments is to a great extent based on our experience in customizing our role to best meet the long-term needs of our customers.

Mixed-Use Development

Catellus’ portfolio of experience includes a number of very large and complex projects that involve a variety of product types and tenants, multiple stakeholders, complicated regulatory environments, and challenging construction conditions (hazardous materials, unstable geotechnical conditions, etc.). And yet, despite the complexity, Catellus has a proven record and reputation for getting projects approved and constructed on schedule. In fact, we have achieved very aggressive timetables on some of our most complex projects.

Built-to-Suit Expertise

Catellus is a nationally recognized master developer responsible for award-winning, master-planned residential communities, business parks and mixed-use urban redevelopments. Because we own or control the land at our developments, we can offer uniquely well-integrated and customized build-to-suit opportunities to our customers. In today’s competitive corporate real estate environment, it takes knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional value to clients. With over 25 years of build-to-suit experience, land ownership in coveted urban locations and an understanding of national and local marketplaces, Catellus is able to provide customers with exceptional build-to-suit locations that meet or exceed their expectations.

Brownfield Expertise

A key aspect of Catellus’ overall sustainable development program is the work it does at brownfield sites. Brownfield sites are urban industrial properties that typically suffer from soil or groundwater contamination. Environmental remediation is generally required before these sites can be redeveloped. Work in this area requires extensive experience and expertise in environmental regulation, specialty insurance and government-sponsored incentive programs. Solid working relationships with regulatory agencies and credibility with “old industry” land sellers are also key components of success.

Brownfield expertise can be a major advantage in gaining access to property for new mixed-use projects, especially in land-constrained markets. Brownfield site redevelopment can also deliver real benefits to a community such as restoration of wetlands and wildlife habitats, new jobs, improved tax base and improved property values for the site and surrounding properties.

Infrastructure Expertise

Catellus provides infrastructure improvements at most of its developments. Infrastructure comes in many forms: new roads, highway access ramps, railway and bus routes, utilities, storm and sewer systems and even schools, libraries, museums and other public facilities. The following information provides an idea of the scope and scale of infrastructure projects undertaken at Catellus developments.